Change You Cars Fluid as Per Your Driving Schedule

When the question arises about maintaining the proper condition of the car, changing the engine oil on regular interval is considered as the prime job. However, it is not the only servicing job to consider. Changing the car’s fluid also matters for the longer durability of the vehicle. This maintenance service depends on the driving schedule of the car’s user. For better guidance, the owner can obviously refer to the owner’s manual provided at the time of buying the car. In this manual, recommended duration of such changes are mentioned in details.

On the other hand, many automobile mechanics suggests that the car owners should pay attention to their driving behavior as these reasons are also responsible.

Conditions that suggest changing the car’s fluid:-

If you are confused as to when you should change the car’s fluid, instances are there that can help you to judge the present condition of the vehicle. These instances are:-

Do you have a habit of driving the car for less than 10 miles frequently?
Does your trip include frequent stops?
Is the road on which you drive your car is mostly covered with gravels?
If the vehicle used for commercial purpose?

If you agree to these questions, it is high time to take your car to the nearest car repairing service center for changing the fluid. Otherwise, follow the instructions mentioned in the manual provided.

Meaning of the term ‘car fluid’:-

Before proceeding with the instructions, you need to know what this car fluid is all about. According to the auto repairs shops, the term ‘car’s fluid’ doesn’t refer to the oil change of the engine; rather it refers to the other fluids existing within other parts of the car. These parts are transmission, engine coolant, power steering and brake of the car.

Changing the fluid in the transmission:-

If you are following a regular driving schedule, the lubricant present within the transmission will last for 100,000miles (approx.). However, if you have any confusion, changing the fluid before the scheduled date can protect the transmission from getting damaged. Hence the expense that you may need to bear in the repairing service may turn out to be more than the servicing facility.

Changing the fluid of the coolant machine:-

The coolant machine attached to the engine absorbs the heat and transfer it to the radiator where this air is later on cooled down. The cold air gets released when the machine is switched on. This coolant contains a special type of chemical that prevents developing rust on the surface of the machine. That’s why, it is always recommended to change this fluid on regular interval. Ignoring such factor may lead to overheating of the engine.

Changing the power steering fluid:-

This power steering fluid is also known as hydraulic oil. This oil helps in proper functioning of the power steering system. Though changing the fluid of the steering system is not considered as an important job, but always recommended to check it up while changing the oil of the engine.

Ignoring these factors can cause serious damage to the vehicle. If you are worried as to whom you should refer to for better guidance regarding automobile services, consult any of Edmonton auto repair shops for advice.