Oil Changes Blaine MN – What Should I Use For My Next Oil Change?

Keeping up with your vehicle’s most frequently needed service – oil changes, will keep your engine running like new and keep it running longer. Full synthetic and synthetic blends have been engineered to provide superior engine protection over longer durations compared to conventional motor oils. To find the oil change priced to your vehicle’s specific needs, here’s a guide to understanding the technical differences between the types of oil:

Synthetic blend — formulated with a mixture of synthetic base stocks and conventional base stocks combining the features and benefits of the synthetic and the cost benefits of the conventional base.
High-mileage — typically contains swelling additives to rejuvenate aging engine seals. Over time, the rubber seals dry out, crack and lose their flexibility. The swelling additive helps revitalize the seals to minimize physical (external) leaks as well as reduce exhaust smoke from internal leaks (oil leaking past seals into the combustion chamber). High-mileage types may also be formulated with higher levels of antioxidant and/or anti-wear additives to provide better protection for older vehicles.
Full-synthetic — 100% man-made, offering performance benefits you won’t get from conventional oil: better oxidation resistance at high temperatures for reduced dirt accumulation and longer service life; better low-temperature effectiveness for easier starting and pump-ability in cold weather.

Dust, metallic shavings, condensation, and even antifreeze can contaminate motor oil. Additives, which break down over time, are also subject to contamination. Just the normal wear and tear of driving causes heat and breaks down the oil so that it no longer effectively protects, cleans, cools, and lubricates. To keep an engine protected at all times, most manufacturers recommend a preventive auto maintenance schedule for oil changes about every 3,000 miles. This means that it will run with greater fuel efficiency, protected from the damage of contaminants.

Are you having difficulty starting your car? Is it making strange noises you’ve never heard before? These may be signs that an oil change is due. A reputable mechanic will typically also inspect the general over-all condition of your vehicle at the same time. They will be able to let you know of any other automotive repair that may become necessary in the near future, recommended at a certain mileage point, or possibly even urgent at the moment. Regular oil changes increases the efficiency of the operation of your vehicle, saving you money and prolonging its life.

A tip to remember: When selecting what kind of oil to use for your next oil change, consider the age of your vehicle. If it has over 75,000 miles, it may require the high-mileage type designed to maintain and preserve the engine for the long haul.

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