Best Automotive Apps

It is kind of crazy to comprehend the amount of smart phone applications there are out there and how much they really make our lives more convenient and interconnected. Efficiency is key these days and phone applications only help maximize on time sensitive things we need to get done and the errands we need to run. It didn’t take much time for the automotive industry to catch on that it could really drive consumer patterns towards a specific product or auto related service if it reach out to them via a phone application. Today there are thousands of automotive applications that can be accessed on your phone. We’ll explore some of them in depth further below and give you examples of how you might find them to be useful.

Best Automotive Apps
Best Automotive Apps

We all have been on the road, with the gas light on, wondering if we’ll make it to the nearest gas station. Now, you can ease some of your worries if you download a gas application that tells you where the nearest gas stations are, where you can get the cheapest gas within your area, and even directions to the gas station once you’ve selected your choice. Instantly, the route and estimated driving time, and other information about the gas station will be made available on your phone. If you’re wondering if the gas station will have specific amenities, like car washes, air, ATM and convenience store, that is also an option on some applications. This app makes life so much easier!

Next, we recommend an application that will help you out immensely when it comes to repairs and maintenance on your car. Imagine being able to quickly get a repair estimate without having to drive around town to sketchy car and body shops. Here, you can find a mechanic or body shop close by and get their independent quotes. You can even start searching according to the service that you need to get done – from brakes, to battery replacement, to oil changes and extreme body work. A rating system will even guide you towards a reliable service provider too.

Lastly, an app designed to help you improve your driving skills and techniques are here. It has a lot of tutorials like parallel parking tips and instructions, and also an official driver’s handbook so you can look up confusing driving regulations. It’s an engaging and user-friendly guide to help you become a safer driver.

Leasing a car is also becoming more popular. You can download an app that will connect you to the nearest car leasing provider, and also compare some crucial car loan quotes from multiple providers. Getting a car loan has never been easier with this app and is worth the download if you’re considering leasing a car instead of buying and want to have lots of options without doing all the dirty research on your own. You can search by credit levels, costs, quote, type of car you would like lease, and other things like monthly payment.

Oil Changes Blaine MN – What Should I Use For My Next Oil Change?

Keeping up with your vehicle’s most frequently needed service – oil changes, will keep your engine running like new and keep it running longer. Full synthetic and synthetic blends have been engineered to provide superior engine protection over longer durations compared to conventional motor oils. To find the oil change priced to your vehicle’s specific needs, here’s a guide to understanding the technical differences between the types of oil:

Synthetic blend — formulated with a mixture of synthetic base stocks and conventional base stocks combining the features and benefits of the synthetic and the cost benefits of the conventional base.
High-mileage — typically contains swelling additives to rejuvenate aging engine seals. Over time, the rubber seals dry out, crack and lose their flexibility. The swelling additive helps revitalize the seals to minimize physical (external) leaks as well as reduce exhaust smoke from internal leaks (oil leaking past seals into the combustion chamber). High-mileage types may also be formulated with higher levels of antioxidant and/or anti-wear additives to provide better protection for older vehicles.
Full-synthetic — 100% man-made, offering performance benefits you won’t get from conventional oil: better oxidation resistance at high temperatures for reduced dirt accumulation and longer service life; better low-temperature effectiveness for easier starting and pump-ability in cold weather.

Dust, metallic shavings, condensation, and even antifreeze can contaminate motor oil. Additives, which break down over time, are also subject to contamination. Just the normal wear and tear of driving causes heat and breaks down the oil so that it no longer effectively protects, cleans, cools, and lubricates. To keep an engine protected at all times, most manufacturers recommend a preventive auto maintenance schedule for oil changes about every 3,000 miles. This means that it will run with greater fuel efficiency, protected from the damage of contaminants.

Are you having difficulty starting your car? Is it making strange noises you’ve never heard before? These may be signs that an oil change is due. A reputable mechanic will typically also inspect the general over-all condition of your vehicle at the same time. They will be able to let you know of any other automotive repair that may become necessary in the near future, recommended at a certain mileage point, or possibly even urgent at the moment. Regular oil changes increases the efficiency of the operation of your vehicle, saving you money and prolonging its life.

A tip to remember: When selecting what kind of oil to use for your next oil change, consider the age of your vehicle. If it has over 75,000 miles, it may require the high-mileage type designed to maintain and preserve the engine for the long haul.

If you’re looking for efficient and money-saving oil changes, contact our ASE-Certified Technicians today at Discount Brake by calling (763) 205-3995 or go to for more information and our oil change coupon. Our auto shop in Blaine, MN proudly serves residents in the areas with Fridley MN oil changes services, and Spring Lake Park MN oil changes services, Minnesota.

How to Choose a Mechanic And Garage For a BMW

Though you could be well versed in looking after your car periodically a top quality car mechanic is an acceptable evil. And if it is possible to discover a proper mechanic, then perhaps you could feel comfortable in knowing that the best mechanic is on hand to complete the job.

Thanks to the majority of cars, you should not have issues but if you possess a BMW then it is important that you see a specialist mechanic who can deal with BMW engines. The last thing you want to do is get overcharged or for the problem not be fixed, although it can be a common issue if you do not do your homework.

So with this in mind here are some ideas to enable you to hire a mechanic and enable your BMW to move back on the road and motoring superbly.

1) Request help from people. In the auto commerce, recommendations are sacred. So when your co-workers, friends or family members recommend a mechanic, it is almost certainly worth looking into the mechanic’s work. Otherwise, if you are connected to a BMW organisation or club then they may be able to recommend a mechanic in your area that undertakes BMW engine work.

2) Before letting the garage fix your car, sort out a tour around the place. Tour the workplace yourself and look out for certificates showing professional qualifications. Talk about whether the workforce hold any unique expertise and work out who has what affiliation on the staff roster. It is also quite clever to check out what type of familiarity the garage has with BMW and how long they have worked with BMW engines.

3) Get a quote and make sure the mechanic sticks to it. Some garages will give you a verbal quote, however for most of the time the figure is a marker guide. So it may be in your interests to work out a deal as many shops can now scribble out a rough idea on paper, which can be taken to be an agreement between parties. If you are manically fanatical of your BMW or you own a unique motor then a contract drawn up is the only certainty that your vehicle is safeguarded.

4) Listen to your gut feelings. When you visit the firm, if your impressions of the place are good then you can be on the right road. If there is something you are unhappy with, or if staff do not respect you when you are there, your initial instincts should not be ignored. There are plenty of garages out there to select from. There is no pressure on you to say yes to the first bid the garage makes. In the perfect world you will go to a specialist mechanic or place which is affiliated with or specialises in the repair and sale of BMW cars.

5) Never be rushed when pondering. Just because you need to be in work does not mean signify you should blindly choose a mechanic out of a phone-book. So alternatively, you should make different arrangements like car leasing to replace your own car. This way there will be no added pressure to find a mechanic when you have little time.

You should really take up this advice as a BMW engine can be very skilled and it is invaluable to locate an experienced mechanic who has some expertise with BMW’s.